MLK, Kids Heart Challenge, and My One Word Progress

Good evening Community Families and Staff,

Dr. King's words ring true even today -- especially today. We must work together to teach our children the value of diversity and model the courage to stand up for those who have not yet found a voice.
Happy Birthday, Dr. King!

Kids Heart Challenge
Community is getting ready to kick off the Kids Heart Challengewith the American Heart Association to start a healthy 2020! This community service program teaches our students how to have HAPPY and HEALTHY hearts, challenging them to make a health pledge online (to MOVE MORE, BE KIND, and BE READY for school each day) and encouraging students to raise lifesaving donations to help fund CPR trainings and critical research to help local families with special hearts.

You can get a jump start by registering online today! Download the FREE App called Kids Heart Challenge, or visit

My One Word for 2020

Happy New Year!!  So, I've finally caught on to Jon Gordon's One Word movement . . . instead of re-writing the same list of resolutions that I do every year, I've selected One Word that will be my driving force for the year. This One Word will focus on all six dimensions of my life: mental, physical, emotional, relational, spiritual, and financial. I went back and forth about which word to choose- reflect . . . accept . . . embrace . . . balance? 
Finally, I settled on what seems to be the perfect word to guide My 2020 . . .
Why engage? Well, in reflecting on these last few months as a new principal, I have felt the pressure to work hard and prove myself as a good leader. I've been careful not to miss any deadlines, stay on top of the paperwork, and respond to every email. I feel like I've been putting the rest of my life on hold and running on auto-pilot. I don't know how many times I've cancelled dinner dates to spend a little more …

Out with the Old, In with the New!!!

Good Evening Community Families and Staff,

At Community Magnet Charter School, we believe that each student is unique and can be a responsible, self-motivated individual who respects him/herself, others, and the environment . . .

Over the past few weeks a few 4th and 5th grade students have approached me with their concerns for our environment. Some are concerned about our overuse of water bottles. They would like to design CMCS water bottles for purchase. Students could use the filtered water fountains to refill their bottles which would reduce the number of plastic water bottles used on campus. Another concern is the unnecessary waste caused by the use of plasticware in the cafeteria. Instead, they suggest using more earth-friendly materials, like bamboo, as an environmentally responsible substitute. And others are concerned about keeping our campus clean and supporting students affected by bullying. They are trying to form clubs or groups to clean the campus and to support students…

Short and Sweet

Good evening Community Families and Staff,

Thank you to all stakeholders who completed the School Experience Survey. Students and staff each had 100% participation (well one student moved before completing the survey, but I still count it as 100%). Parent participation looks quite impressive, but we won't know exact numbers until they've been counted.

End of Semester Activities:
Council Meeting - Monday, December 9th in the school library, 2:45 pm. Fifth grade field trip - Wednesday, December 11th.Holiday Program - Thursday, December 19thMinimum Day, 12:45 dismissal and Pajama Day - Friday, December 20thLost and Found: The Lost & Found is overflowing with jackets, sweatshirts, coats, sweaters, lunchboxes, and water bottles. Please be sure to stop by before the Winter Break to claim your missing items. Any items remaining after December 20th will be donated to needy families.
That's it for now, short and sweet.  I look forward to seeing you around campus. Have a great wee…

It's Beginning to Look a Lot Like . . .

Good Evening Community Families and Staff,

I hope everyone has enjoyed the week off and spent quality time with family and friends. Tis' the season! Even the cold and rainy weather encourages us to spend more time indoors with our families. I really love this time of year, though I do admit, I miss the white winters of Michigan where I grew up with trees heavy and beautiful with ice. And yes, I do tell my daughter stories of when I was a kid, and had to walk for miles in snow, sleet, and freezing cold to get to school every day. (This is a true story . . . except maybe the "for miles" part.) We even had recess outside in the cold and snow, believe it or not! But, I digress . . .

We have only three weeks of school left in the semester and, believe me, it will go by fast! There are not many events happening in these three weeks, but the ones we have are important:

School Experience Surveys
School Experience Surveys are due on December 6th. If you have already completed the s…

Important Things CMCS Parents Do: Beautification Day and School Experience Surveys!!

Good Evening Community Staff and Families,

I hope you had a very relaxing Sunday! I tried to take it easy this Sunday, though I had to catch up on a lot of chores around the house.

Parent Conferences and the Book Fair are in full swing: one week down and one more week to go. If you have not conferenced with your child's teacher whether during Invitational Conferences last month, or during these November conferences, it is mandatory that you do so. Parent participation and involvement is key in helping students reach their maximum potential and confidence levels.

PLEASE Complete the School Experience Survey ASAP One of the MOST IMPORTANT responsibilities you have as a CMCS parent is to complete the annual School Experience Survey. The results of this survey help guide the decisions we make for our students, drive enrollment numbers, and most importantly, gives you the opportunity to give your feedback on the academic and social climate aspects of CMCS. Please make sure that you compl…